Monday, December 6, 2010

Yunk it up!!!

Its windy and cold outside...What you want to do today bro? "HOLLA BLOX!".

Thats all it took and I rolled out to my buddy's house. We will call him "Mike". Seeing how my f4i is still not done..(that and the fact that -1 66t may not be the street "friendliest") I hopped on his minty streeter RC51. He jumped on his f4i and you know what happened next!

Pretty uneventful for most of the ride. "Mike" was blasting some nice highway wheelies and i was bombing some V twin staggereds. I started noticing a small amount of smoke comin off his f4i. Wheelie after wheelie the smoke turned from puff into billowing. We pull off at the local hooters to find this.

Damn thing was soaked in oil from headers to handbrake calipers, pants, shoes, socks. This thing was dumpin more oil than the Deep Horizon/BP spill!! After a little powwow with some beatdown hooters chicks and a thing called central heating, we checked the oil level and boogied down.

About ten minutes into the second leg of the ride "Mike" was bombing a staggered through town when...........


But it was too late.
Florida wheelie ticket - $1000
Alabama wheelie/reckless ticket - $200
10 mile difference & Alabama lawmakers not being balls deep down the esophagus - Priceless!!!!


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