Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love it when a plan falls in place..

If you have been checking back regularly you have seen that in the short time this 'blog' has been around it has somewhat started to get a little 'focus' and definition. From what it looks like is alot of people are digging the content and approach that has just naturally happened here. So I'm going to keep rolling with it.

A new feature has been added to each "Pageview"(click the header of the post to go to pageview). You can Facebook "LIKE" any post you wish now to share with all your buddies. Tweet button coming soon as well. Don't forget you can also share from any of the buttons on the footer of the post. Or "FOLLOW" the blog by clicking the widget on the right of your screen.(You can follow it with many different accounts so don't think you have to sign up for anything new!).

Also, You may have noticed a name change as well. I stumbled upon a gem and I am going to put it to use. You can now access the blog via:    &&

Thanks everyone for coming by. I have some real in depth reviews for some really badass products coming in the next few weeks as well as Part 2 of Budget Bike F4i!
Parts Reviews Coming soon:
Naarden SL200 Saggy ass Link -
Shinko Podium 180 Rear tire - Shinko gets alot of bad press, but they are pushing in our sport. We will see how their product performs!
Radius-style Crash Cage - NEW INNOVATIVE approach to bike protection provided by Andrew Griffy -
Motion Pro Carb/Throttle Body Sync Tool - An F4i Owners must have tool. And proper way to sync your bike.

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