Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Redemption Week Day 1.

On sunday I rode a little bit you know..to make sure this bike wasn't going to blow right off the bat. Everything went good, breaking in a new tire at a no burnout/drift spot made it interesting to begin with.

So on to Day 1 of Redemption week. I get to the lot and bike is ready to go. I let it warm up for about 5 minutes on stock idle, throw on some gear, crank the idle and let errr rip tater chip!

After a little while of dialing in, it starts to click. Seat standers circles start coming back, Foot In Seat circles, couple straight line combos. I couldn't knock out more than 2 or 3 circles in a row so about half way through the day I thought "You know what would help me get my control back? Learning Tailgate Foot stalls!"

I Know. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but hey I really don't pay much attention to that anyway. So I started trying to come in from the right, dip in to the left and work my way back to the truck. Could never get close enough to throw the foot out. Then I started coming in from the left and dippnig in towards the truck. And instantly it felt better. Within two or three tries I was sticking my toes on the tailgate. I managed to do a couple of nice stalls then stopped. Grabbed the camera and set it up in the bed of the truck. Didn't get any of the good stalls then, but I got some sweet mess ups. So here is the video! Hope you like it, due to computer/internet problems I couldn't get it edited down and uploaded right.

Note to self(Last stall attempt on video) - CHECK GAS BEFORE CIRCLING INTO INANIMATE OBJECTS!  Went and filled up with gas. When I got back, the city police officer was there waiting on me. Something about I can't ride until they get a new certificate of insurance for next year? Ok. Well they didn't have one for this year? ugh. Spot hunting tommorrow!

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