Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Redemption Week Day 2

Whats up people! Put in some work today. Found another legit spot at a church. So I unloaded and started to get to it!

Day started off pretty bland. Got one or two Foot in seat circles, and thought I was ready for round two of the tailgate stalling. So I turned on the video camera and froze. I almost took out the side of my truck and it wasn't even in the field of view!

I started trying to do some stoppies, and well it wasn't that bad. Nowhere near where I used to be, but for such a short approach in a sandy lot with no stabilizer. I'll say it was a winning day!

Also, tried stepping down to Ralph Louie with little success. I've done it a couple on single piston handbrakes, but pretty much sucked today. So here it is people. Not alot of good footage riding alone, but as promised. Vid or pics every day!

And a really the only reason you check back -->

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