Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

If you have been following along, you have seen the DO WHEELIES Budget F4i build. Well now its time to see what this baby will do!

The bike has sat for about a week or two in between the transport from my buddy's house in Florida and getting time to ride. A couple guys I'm helping get into stunting come up and we are heading to the lot. DO WORK!

Unload at the spot. Crank this puppy up. And my luck starts to strike again..the bike is not running as crisp as it was before. It has fresh plugs I think to myself, maybe its carbon build up in the cylinders? It just needs to be run is all.. Braaaaaaappp Braaaaapppppp I warm up the bike as I do with all my bikes---sitdown power wheelies to the limiter out the box!(probably another reason why nothing I ride ever lasts) Bike is feeling crisp again. Whew! That was close. Lets start dialing it in BAABY!

Hop up to the seat, YUT UGHHHH GHH grrr.. At this point about 1/4 turn into a circle the bike starts running like a Harley. I set down the wheelie- quick powerslide-braaap another fast sitdown wheelie.. it's getting worse. I know its all down hill from here so I do a fast rolling burnout back to the truck and shut it down.

After a few minutes of cussing and walking around the bike glaring at it like it owed me child support, I tried the start button. Motor is seized up.

Well, another motor castrated, my hopes down the toilet, and about a month of nothing but the inside of my garage it looks like its back to the drawing board! PLEASE BANG HEAD TO WALL!

Only positive thing that came out of this day was a small clip of my putting the beats down on some rubber. So I will leave you with that and a few "roads" you would love to lay some rubber down on!

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