Thursday, December 23, 2010

The scrap heap to Front Street!

The old saying is:  "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"

I usually don't agree with this. I'm a firm believer in getting a deal, being cheap, or pinching that last penny. And where has it got me you ask? It has got me a garage full of broken motors, useless parts for bikes I don't own, a mountain of aggravation, and almost a whole year of little to no riding. Something has got to give!

I pondered this nonstop for a day..forgetting to do alot of things..spacing out when talking to people..forgetting to eat. I was consumed by this. It was time for one last shot and to do it right. I needed something reliable, solid, and pretty much a guarentee i could beat on it. I heard thru the grapevine that a known stunter with a known such bike was getting out the game. With a quick call to Ryan aka "50 Slut". It was done, I was leaving for St. Louis!!!

Mark it down: 5:00pm, 50Degrees, still undecided on how I feel about this but too late now I'm already on the Interstate.

Knocking out a quick champion as
I roast tires out of the first gas station!

Loaded up the stunter's
minifridge with go juice

All and all the ride up was pretty uneventful, other than the temperature dropping drastically. I arrived in the "show me state" at 5am. 17 Degrees. What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?! This is just unnatural!!
Mr. Slut was tied up hunting geese or killing baby alpacas or hell I don't know at this point. Stopped at a rest stop to catch a little shut eye. Two hours later I get the green light and I wake up to this:

Fuuuuhhhh! I'm not made for this! So I kick around his house - examining the bike, helping round up the spares, and just overall shooting the shit. I have to say Ryan was one of the easiest guys to buy a bike from and really chill(no pun intended) dude. He had a good laugh at me shivering like a virgin in a brothel, but we knocked out a deal and I loaded up!

Now time for the epic journey home. Drove thru IL, TN, KY. Nothing to really say except..well there aint anything there to talk about!!

After almost plowing down Arnold SchwartzaBambi, I decided to may a quick pitstop.

I felt mighty refreshed after my "pit" stop. I will say the smoked salmon spread was quite decadent! Another miserable 6 hours in the truck and I was home!



  1. Im excited to see what you can do on a bike that will hold together.. I might have something in the works for my bike soon

  2. Haha thanks man I hope I can do it biiig!