Friday, February 18, 2011

MOVING ON UP - To the East side!

WHATS UP DO-WHEELIE-GOERS!   We have finally made the upgrade/move!

Everything is now up and operational on

We are going to stop updating on here..and eventually this space will shut down.. Big things for the DO wheelies camp! I hope you will keep "following" with the new change. I am also working on an email update/subscription to go along with it all.

Tighten up! & 2/6/11 Session

Whats this look like to you? Wellllp. That doesn't matter, because your a hater anyway. Let me tell you what it is to me. This is the cause of a crash. One that could have been way way worse. And we are now going to use this as enlightenment on bike maintenance. I unloaded the bike at the spot, did my usual quick inspection. Nothing falling off. All the levers and brakes feel solid. Lets ride!

I clutch up a seat stander, dip it in, knock out 5 solid O's like butttaaaaaa. In my head I'm Ice Cubing it up.. Today is a good day! Set it down and start trying a couple of small variations and I notice my handbrake is getting softer. What the hell..I have never had an issue with my fluid, but truth be told I haven't changed it in a while. So I'm like hell guess I'll keep riding see if it was just a bubble or something. A couple foot brake tricks and then back to handbrake circles. This time I got a camera in my face so I'm dodging this person thats all up in my grill, working my body weight to compensate for a shitty feeling brake. Then all the sudden it gets out of control I clamp down on the lever and I feel a little pop and it goes to the bar. Bike comes back to twelve o clock and I aim it away from the photographer, it goes down without an issue.

What the hell! I look down to this, I'm like man those bolt heads are a little rusty but no way it rusted through and snapped off(I only use high quality bolts 8.8+). Well turns out the bolts backed all the way out! I threw some loctite in and tightened them all back up and went back to riding.

LET THIS BE A LESSON. We all take some things for granted on our bike. Please check all your vital bolts, calipers, handbrake brackets, rotors, etc etc. A little laziness and maybe me doing a sketchier trick this could have really hurt some people!

On to the riding. We started the day off blowing down the lot...with a leaf blower..jeez, quit being perverted! Me, Mike, and Dow rode pretty much all day. Dow was killing some sick sitdown no throttle hand waves. Mike was CREEEEEPING super slow through the lot. I thought he was about to just stall in the middle and clutch out. I know he hates it, but a little more gearing on his bike and he's turned into a monster progressing so quick.

Towards the end of the day we were all getting beat with all the wheelies. So endo practice ensued! I wasn't going for distance, was working on trying to carve some 180s. Never been able to get it to really kick at all so little progress was better than nothing. I ended up with a couple minor crashes/fall overs doing at the max 125 degree turns. All in all another fun day with the camp~!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HT Moto Rear Seat - 1st ride review

BOOM SHAKA LAKA!! I had sent a haggard old seat off to the boys at HydroTurf/HTMoto and recently just got it in. Now your thinking, what is the point in flossing out a rear seat when you don't have a glamor bike? Well, to not be stabbed in the back for one.

For the last two years, I've been out of the endo game for the most part and since I got a good front end I'm going to get back into it. Well in this amount of time I've gotten pretty picky with my foot in seat/trunk positioning. Having a size 13 shoe I need a solid place to put my foot. And the flimsy stock seats, just don't cut it. So on my last bike I had machined a billet aluminum foot plate. It was amazing to stand on and make wheelies....but it was always lurking in the back of my head ... "That shit could get midevil on your spine"

Thus, my reason to decide to shell out the pretty pennies to get this seat made. Cory at HTmoto really looked out, I probably wasn't the easiest customer to deal with. I had certain things that i needed to make sure happened or the seat was useless to me. The hole had to stay wide and the foam on the seat  needed to have a nice round buildup so I had plenty of room to stand on. After a few days shipping to Cali, a few days at their shop, and a couple more coming back to Alabama, I was on the fence if it was going to be worth it or not. As I opened the box I had this thought - "..either this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread or it's immediately going for sale".

To my suprise- It was just about perfect! The guys there at HTmoto said they had to add a little more material to the seat base but they didn't go too crazy and the hole still fits my Sasquatch foot nicely.

 I was very specific with Cory over at HTmoto. Almost annoying if I might add. The standing area is super solid and an easy 3". I know what your most situations thats not alot, but this thing is a Mandingo as far as rear seats go.

A solid session working on Foot in seat tricks and it felt awesome. The "non-slip" material seems very sturdy and even after a full days abuse and me kicking it around the garage you cant tell I even stood on it!
I had a little issue with this extra build up fitting under my tail saver but with a little massaging and pushing it clicked in and was ready to rock. No trimming or anything. I'm pumped and feel confident on all of my Foot in seat tricks now. I also don't feel like I have Michael Myers creeping behind me when I'm rolling out on some nose coasters!

Now the down side. The Price. Its a little hefty in the coin, $150 for just rear seat work, shipping both ways, but you're paying for the craftsman ship. You can really tell these guys know what they are doing. The high density foam makes all the difference in my opinion. The other kinds of padding allow for friction between the fabric and the padding causing premature wear. Another one of my gripes is the kind of tacky HTmoto logos on the side, I was immediately tempted to cut the stitching and peel them off. They look like they are hot glued on so I may or may not still do this.

Either way a very solid seat and when you mention any of the HTmoto sponsored riders you get %15 off(which makes up for one part of the shipping).

Check them out:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5,000 views! Why?

So I just looked and noticed. The blog is fastly approaching the 5k mark on pageviews! This is big news. Things are getting pretty serious around here.

As of right now address is down. I am trying to move the whole format over there and do away with the duality of it.

I looked at the stats and noticed this:

And I thought we had almost 5k views because of my witty vernacular??? Guess not... PERVERTS! So heres something to clean that stinky perv smell of you!

The Kick Back - Shift Kickers Extended Review Pt. 1

I'm going to start this review off with a Preface. One of the reasons I started reviewing products on this blog was to give the HONEST truth. No hate, No sugar coating, No Nutswinging. Just honest review on parts. I feel that there is not enough of that in our sport. Its either "OH THAT SHIT IS DOPE(maybe because you sent me tons of free stuff or my mom went to high school with your mom)" Or just constant hate. There will be none of that here. If you feel like there is. Call me out. Punch me in the dick. Here at, we are here to help the people! Ok...I said we. Its really just me, but sounds like I have a huge staff here right? Enough of that shit, I don't want you to buy a part because everyone who is sponsored by someone says its great and you get stuck with the bill and a half ass part.

On to the review..

I'm sure you all have read my first review on the Shift Kickers, lets face it we all know you browse instead of working. Well I have had the chance to ride about 4 more sessions on these shoes. Just some thoughts:
The buckle is a pretty good design, has only unclipped on me once during riding.
The shoe strings are like parachute cord, they tighten up great. They are about 8 feet long, but a double knot and tucking them in the shoe they work good.
Sole is mildly grippy. I don't feel any improvement over my Reeboks I had previous, but not alot of slipping going on either way.
The inside of the shoe is very comfortable, they broke in easily after the first session.
Easy to get on and off unlike alot of actual boots.

Now for the problem. I have only rode in these kickers for a total of 5 days/sessions. The side of the sole that meets the leather is getting all chewed up. I noticed a little discoloration in the first couple sessions but didn't pay any mind. Not only is it getting chewed up. Its actually starting to seperate from each other.
At first I was thinking ok it may be just a foot brake side issue from all the use that side gets. Well its also starting on the other side as well.

I am running Sick Innovations rearsets so they are just machined aluminum, there is no paint or anything thats rubbing off. The side of the sole feels like its made out of that moondough that kids play with. All my previous shoes have had a harder sole and no issues. I don't know what made Shift do this difference in material since the bottom is a harder material.

Also, I was looking around the shoe and started seeing parts where the stitching in the leather was starting to rub off.  Its not an issue yet, but it's something I'm going to watch because it may cause these shoes to die prematurely..barring the sole falling off.

So in conclusion, its a really comfortable shoe. Safe for riding, easy to wear, but longevity may be the issue. It seems like the road of caution is looking like these are a riding season or less shoe.

Remember ----------Burn Rubber ---------------Not your Sole!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doing the damn thang!

By popular demand we now have a banner if you would like to promote the blog. This is the first one out of a couple ones I have plans for. If you want to add this to your sites the address is : 

You may notice a small change when accessing the site. I have had some complaints about not warning the...uh lets say "style" of content that is on here. In my opinion its not really "adult" but this is just to protect my ass.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/29/11 - Back Blowing out Bama!

Weak Podium Attempt
Hello Blockaholics! Been a little bit since the last riding update. I've been puttin in work, but everyone has been slackin on the media side of things. I got some video I need to edit of a couple decent things. Nothing too spectucular so I'm not in a huge rush.

This weekend we decided to give the renewed legit spot a run for 2011! No one else wanted to make the trek(oh noes I can't drive 45 minutes to ride). So once again, It was me and my guinness sippin buddy Mike putting in work like a two bit stripper with one leg. Mike wanted to get serious for this year, so we did some "upgrades" to his bike. First on the agenda was to pull that silly upper off. I mean, c'mon Fairings? Thats soooo 2010!! Like Chaaah. Right? Not really, but he wants to progress and expecting to crash. The good thing is it made grinding down the steering stops on his 600rr front end WAAAY more managable. Now he can turn around like a motorcycle instead of an semi-truck.

Oh.. remember that shiny PMP -1 66T setup I had on "Project Budget F4i"? Well we went and slapped dat on his piece.

Ok. Now that we look like a pack of squids. We hit the lot. The Irishman dialed in with lightning speed. Started locking down idle like a madman. Not quite comfortable dipping O's, but I think in the next month he will make me look like a Rookie!

Speaking of Me. I was just going with the flow, knocking out alot more consistent circles. Working on some NTH O's, knocking a few combos out here and there. I started trying to pull my Jolly Green Giant ass legs through to Podium(one leg standing on seat one over handle bars). Couldn't quite do it so I pretty much just put my foot on everything else.

Here's a few pictures:
You can check out the rest of the album by CLICKING HERE!

Just remember. To keep that pesky arm pump away, you need more Potassium in your diet. Make sure you eat your bananas. These ladies know the routine!