Saturday, January 1, 2011

Redemption Week Day 3

Welcome back fellow wheelie lovers. Today was set with high hopes and a couple main goals to focus on, but Mother Nature had a different idea. Roll up to the new legit spot, unload, and start warming up. Everything was feeling right today - Drifting was back, huckin up some sweet stoppies on a cold tire, banging out consistent O's out the box!

I'm getting pumped and putting some aggression down into my riding again. Then a torrential downpour was unleashed on the parking lot! I'm talking about mid circle I could feel my socks swell and water filling my shoes! Too late to stop now. I rode until I got tired and then took a break.

My company showed up. ATL Rider Matt from Adrenaline Boyz was near town and heard I was riding. Well, this super cool guy comes in and blows my legit spot! haha, ok. That may not be how it happened.

I have permission from the pastors at this church, but I guess the head pastor was there and with both bikes revving and buzzing around the lot(or the fact that Matt's bike was loud as shit). The pastor came ripping out of the church yelling and screaming tell us to get out..think he dropped a H E double HOCKEY STICK or a DAMN. UGHHH Son, I know you aren't doing this?! Two legit spots in one week? BULLSHIT! Hoping to salvage this spot we load up. As we are pulling out the lot he comes out and apologizes that it wasn't very christian like and we can ride some other time when he isn't there working..right...

I had one "not so legit" spot in mind we rolled to. It was three things: Big, Wet, and Slick. Usually this is a GREATTTT COMBO! Today not so much. I had a blast riding, Matt got a little aggravated with his bike, but over all it was a good sesh. Sorry guys I didn't get any video/pics because SOMEBODY has dropped the ball. I won't point fingers though. So I'll try to make up for it with this:::

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