Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Budget F4i

Welcome back cracker jacks!

So after 5 motors, a frame, and countless hours in garage wrenching this year; I had enough of my current bike and decided to build an f4i. Why you ask? They are supposed to be tanks and with everyone on the Kawi bangwagon i figured parts would be easy to scoop up on the low low! This started the next phase of my plan: Build an f4i with some legit up to date products, but spend as little as possible.

I put some feelers out and came back with some hits. A good friend of mine just happen to have 1/2 of a bike laying around in pieces and was willing to donate his bounty to get me back roasting tires and smashing cages!! Score! A three hour trip later i was sitting back in my garage with all his goods except a frame and swingarm. So it was off to work in the garage to prep the motor.
When I picked up this motor it was sitting on his porch, half-covered with a garbage bag. It looked pretty rough; the heads and case covers were both off and the internals exposed to the elements..I thought man, this may not be worth it. But to my suprise it turned over as smooth as it was just pulled out of the bike.

Now to the bad, i start checking the threads..4 of the head bolt holes were stripped out!! What kind of dumb son of a...Ok enough name calling. Dropped a few helicoils down and PRESTO CHANGO! We got a prepped bottom end.

 A little while later and a couple turns of a torque wrench, heads are on. A quick timing job and all the covers are installed.

That weekend I get a text from my buddy - "Hey bro, I found that frame and swingarm. and I HOOKED it up for you! - See you saturday!!" OH YEAH SON!!! I'm thinking man, thats a friend right there. Free frame, a sick paint/powder job, and delivery? Damn! I must be dreaming right...

And damn was i right!! You know what they say if it sounds too good to be true. It probably is!
Eitherway I couldn't stop laughing, i mean really - that shit took some effort.

Wait, where did they get the heart and flower stickers anyway?? Makes you wonder about them.. Welp, too late now I damn sure am not going to sand it down thru all that paint they caked on. Lets throw it on there!

Motor? Check. Frame and Swingarm? Check. Forks? Wheels? Doh! Did some creeping around the internet and some trading of parts. Check!
(Oh that badboy you see on the rear rim, thats a PMP 66T I got on the superlow from Porzio Performance)

Back to the nitty gritty -- with a little help from the itty bitty titty committee got this thing sittin pretty.

Thanks for tuning in - Next time on the Real World - Clapperville USA:
Trading for some primo parts - HHD Big Rotor Kit, Hollywood Tailsaver, GPR Stabilizer, and more!
Also - Awaking the beast....will this porch motor actually start??

And of course, we can't have an update with out the milkshake(no not T-neck) that brings you here:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Whats up. Another gem showed up in the mail today from none other than Naarden.biz - The Sportbike Superstore!
Man its like an f4i treasure chest!
Naarden Solid Aluminum Clip on tubes
Naarden Shark Fin
Naarden SL200 links
APE Manual CCT
Shinko Podium R006 180/55/17

HEY WAIT A SECOND THERE BUD!!! My ass is not saggy...damnit..guess its time to get back at the squats. Need a reality check about your self image?? Guess what Naarden has got them in stock!!!

Worth plastering the bike with all these stickers? Keep checking back and i'll let you know!
Also, after watching my boy Luke Duke Emmons pushing hard in XDL this year. I decided to stop being a dirty trash digging scavenger at all the local bike shops and throw down some coin. I am really pumped about having a brand new tire(first time in 3 yrs!!!) and ready to bring the "fuory"!!

Sidenote - I've had some of my buddies ask about the Sharkfin. If you don't know what they are, check out Stuntbums.com and their very informative video!

Thanks for "Clickin in". Now its time to Facelift Bar!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Unexpected Stuntride Swag!!

Never underestimate a random email to Thomas with no response. This package shows up today unexpectedly!!! I thought it was a gift from the heavens...but turns out it was a give away i forgot i sent my info in on. EITHER WAY STUNTRIDE FOR THE WIN!.

Check out the swag!!

Coming out Fresh!

Ok, so i don't have much to say. Just trying to make some use of my domain..
So we'll do some Semi-Work Safe pictures for entertainment purposes.